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These highly regarded books are widely used for educational purposes, and they are a strong reference tool for security industry newcomers as well as security professionals and their clients.

Since September 11, 2001, the high-rise industry has been actively reviewing security and life safety procedures and practices and taking steps to improve security based on building size and importance, geographic location, potential risk to occupants, and risk of attacks. The risk assessment guidelines presented in this book are oriented toward protection of a site’s personnel and physical assets. They would also generally apply to protection of computer data, hardware, and software. The security guidance discussed in this book will assist individual companies to assess their properties and determine how best to protect their assets.

This report examines the internal and external factors that contribute to laptop theft. Who steals laptops? What motivates their actions? Why are companies targeted repeatedly? The report encourages companies to set goals to counter laptop theft and then implement those goals through situational prevention techniques and the seven steps of loss prevention. It concludes with suggestions for further exploration by academic and corporate investigators.


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(4th edition, The International Foundation for Protection Officers, 2015)


(The International Foundation for Protection Officers, 2010)


(5th edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2012)

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