Kitteringham Security Group has over two decades of security and crisis management experience.

We work in a number of client sectors including agriculture, education, energy, financial services, government, health care, property management, security, and technology.


Why use Kitteringham Security Group?


  • We can provide you with expertise that you may not have developed in-house.  
  • We recognize how busy you are, and we give you the time to complete important projects.
  • With a variety of subject matter experts available, we can deliver projects that otherwise may take your team years to start and, more importantly, finish.  
  • We have experience and expertise with a variety of completed products including risk assessments, emergency response plans, posters, life safety manuals, field training guides and physical security audits, among others.
  • We can provide a variety of training programs to develop your staff both inside and outside of the security department.  Employee development is critical in developing both hard and soft skills.



KSG Inc. has created several courses for security officers, supervisors and managers. 

 These courses include:


  • Facility Security & Life Safety Levels I through IV
  • Introduction to Leadership Principles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, based on Stephen Covey’s best seller
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Conflict De-escalation Techniques
  • The Canadian Criminal Code and the Security Officer
  • Supervisory Development Training and Security Manager’s Development programs

In addition, we can design courses specific to your needs.

Services Offered


• Risk Assessments
• Security Master Plan Development
• Environmental Crime Control Reviews
• Security Program Assessment and Development
• Coaching and Mentoring of Security Professionals
• Security Research, Metrics, and Analytics
• Loss Prevention Reviews
• Security Standards, Policy, and Audit Program
• Standard Operating Procedures Development
• Security Event Planning


• Countermeasure Selection(more)

Includes various devices including locks, CCTV, alarms and sensors. For every countermeasure planned, there should be a specific reason for implementation. We will carefully review your assets and identify your needs.

• Security Program Gap Analysis & Countermeasure I.D. (more)

We will work with you to identify the various countermeasures appropriate for your risk profile, the value of your assets, and your potential threats.

• Security System Evaluations (more)

Includes a review of your control systems which are integral components of a physical security program. These systems are often not working to their utmost, thereby minimizing their effectiveness leading to inconsistent physical security coverage.


• Security Staff Training & Development(more)

We can make sure your staff are appropriately trained and meet industry or legislative standards. The need for training, certification, and professional standards at all levels is of vital importance to maintaining your asset protection program.

• Safety, Training, Awareness & Countermeasure I.D. (more)

Safety and security of your employees is of utmost importance. Workplace violence is a growing issue, and having policies, procedures, and a security awareness program are key components of the solution.

• Certified Protection Officer Training (more)

Security officers form the basis of a well-planned and detailed security program. Kitteringham has provided internationally-recognized CPO training for several organizations around the world. For more information, visit

• Life Safety Training

• Security Guard Field Training Guide(more)

This document assists in training security personnel to articulate and demonstrate knowledge of SOP's.


• Emergency Response Plan Development(more)

We can help you establish plans to protect your employees, customers, vendors, and visitors. We ensure these plans will minimize the impact of emergencies, help you recover and get back to operations, and are current and effective.

• Life Safety Manual Development (more)

Does your organization have a life safety manual? We will help make sure your tenants know what to do in the event of an emergency.

• Emergency Response Training (more)

Your plans must be tested to ensure efficacy, and to confirm employees know what to do in the event of an emergency. Contact must also be made with emergency services for feedback and assistance in your training program.



We are leading a client through a Request for Proposal (RFP) project for a security services contract. This involves a major urban shopping centre and multiple high-rise properties.


We are conducting a review of an access control system for two commercial high rise properties, as well as developing a long-term plan for maintaining the systems.


We are developing emergency response plans and tabletop exercises, and we are writing a tenant life safety manual and training schedule for several large commercial high-rise properties.


We are in the process of completing a risk profile for a commercial medical marijuana facility to assist them in obtaining their licence from Health Canada.


We are writing security department standard operating procedures for a regional college and completing a workplace violence hazard risk assessment for a second college. We are also in the process of completing a risk assessment and physical security survey of a student residence for a major Canadian university.


We are developing emergency response plans and floor plans for a mixed-usage 80,000-square-foot commercial property. We are also providing life safety training for several commercial clients.